City Continues Racial Equity Work

Race, equity and social justice are central priorities for the city. Community members as volunteers and partners with staff and Beaverton City Council are critical as we continue to make Beaverton a more welcoming and equitable place. We have more to do to ensure the city reflects the diversity and values of the people whom we serve.

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Council Corner: Laura Mitchell

I have lived in a few different states and umpteen different cities. At first, everything appears new and exciting but the excitement quickly dwindled away and each new city became every other city in the U.S.A. There seemed to be a disconnect amongst each community, their neighbors and its government … until I moved to Beaverton. I was excited to get mailings letting me know what’s going on in our neighborhoods and how I could give back to a community that was so giving.

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Community Conversations, Inquiry Sessions Create Space for Dialogue

As the city reflects on and explores ways to respond to the current push to address systemic racism, the Beaverton Police Department (BPD) and the Human Rights Advisory Commission (HRAC) have embarked on a joint project. “BPD-HRAC Inquiry Sessions” are a dedicated space for listening and dialogue regarding police operations and policy, response to demands for police reform and consideration of long-term structures for community oversight.

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