What Goes in my Compost Cart? 

Summer is wrapping up and that means fall is right around the corner. Fall is a busy time for your compost carts – all those leaves, yard trimmings, and garden scraps make for many full carts. Here’s a quick refresher of what belongs in those compost carts and what should be left out. 


  • Yard waste – the general rule is if it grew in your yard it can go into your compost cart. This includes yard clippings, garden scraps, leaves, and branches less than 4 inches in diameter and 36 inches long. 
  • Food waste – this includes all food waste like peels, vegetable trimmings, moldy bread, and even bones. 

– Coffee filters and tea bags are okay 

Do not include 

  • Plastic – please no plastic of any kind, even if it’s labeled “compostable”. Plastic does not break down in the composting process and nobody wants little bits of plastic in their compost.  
  • Pet waste – our composting facilities are not permitted to accept any type of pet waste. Please bag pet waste and place in your garbage cart.  
  • Garbage – do not include bathroom waste, used facial tissue, or food containers. These should go in your garbage.