Welcome, Edward Kimmi! 

Councilor Edward Kimmi joined the City Council as its newest member in June—filling City Council Position 3. In his words, Kimmi shares about this special occasion and his thoughts for the future: 

How does it feel to be Beaverton’s newly elected City Councilor? 

I feel grateful and excited at the same time to serve the residents of Beaverton with my fellow City Councilors and the Mayor. 

What inspired you to serve?  

As many of you know, I have been serving on the Diversity Advisory Board for six years and the Diversity Task Force previous to that. This is an extension of my service to the community in a bigger capacity to make decisions that impact the Beaverton community. I believe that I am most joyful when I can help and serve a person in need. It gives me energy and renewed purpose to live daily. 

How do you feel your background has prepared you for this position? 
I am a Korean American immigrant and a refugee of war from Kuwait. I am also a small business owner and a father of two boys who graduated from Beaverton High School. I was President of the Korean Society of Oregon, which represents the 40,000 Korean Americans in Oregon. Of all the life experiences that I think have prepared me so far for this position, I believe being a chiropractor prepared me the most to serve the residents of Beaverton. I meet and listen to all people in different walks of life every day at my job. Young, old, poor and rich, all come to me and share their life stories to help me better diagnose their problems and treat their conditions. I have learned to listen and understand them better because I am them. 

What are you most looking forward to?  

I look forward to working with all staff of the city whom I believe are the true heroes, especially during this pandemic. I also look forward to bringing the voices of immigrants and refugees, which makes up about one-fifth of Beaverton residents. I want to focus on finding solutions to safety, affordable housing, and climate warming issues and make Beaverton a more vibrant, thriving city where everyone can make their home. 

The Beaverton City Council was expanded to seven members under the city’s new voter-approved charter that went into effect Jan. 1, 2021. As the city’s governing body, the City Council gives policy direction, and helps guide the city’s long-term goals. 

For more information about the City Council, contact information, and upcoming meetings, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Council