Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Olga Cherevatenko

Olga Cherevatenko got involved with the city when she applied for a Welcoming Week Grant in 2021 to put on a Slavic Festival in Beaverton in conjunction with the Silver Years Adult Day Center, which she used to direct. Participants of the adult day center are from Slavic and Eastern European countries, and it is a dominantly Russian-speaking community. The event was designed to celebrate Slavic culture for all ages through traditional arts and crafts, performances, and a tea ceremony. In 2022, Olga also joined the city’s Diversity Advisory Board, where she has been a strong relationship-builder and advocate for her community. Of her work with the city, she shares, “I want to support all events and movements by any diverse groups and create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all.”

Her current occupation is a Resource Navigator at IRCO, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, taking care of new – coming refugees from all around the world.
Aside from her community advocacy, Olga enjoys other hobbies such as sailing and shared “I have even obtained a certificate to charter a boat anywhere in the world.” Olga is also an avid math tutor and fitness trainer. Fun fact: Olga used to be a Physical Education teacher in the Beaverton School District.
Find out more about Welcoming Week at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/WelcomingWeek.