New Resources on Homelessness

Three new resources for more information on homelessness are available now:

  • The Homeless Resource Guide for Beaverton Businesses was published in June and includes resources for interacting with and assisting people experiencing homelessness in Beaverton. You can find an electronic copy at: The guide includes information about the Street Outreach Team in Beaverton, which is staffed by Greater Good NW. The goal of street outreach is to meet the basic needs of individuals experiencing homelessness, using harm reduction strategies, and to have positive exits from homelessness into housing. The team walks around downtown Beaverton during the day, Monday through Wednesday. The team can be reached at
  • The League of Oregon Cities recently published a Guide to Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Public Spaces, which is intended to explain the legal principles involved in recent court decisions, such as Boise v. Martin, that impact what cities can and can’t do when it comes to addressing homelessness. You can read the guide here:
  • The city is continuing to work on the Year-Round Shelter Project, which is slated to open in Winter 2023-2024. To stay in the loop about upcoming meetings, and receive ongoing updates about shelter in Beaverton, we encourage you to register for the city’s Shelter Notification List, with four easy steps: