Budget Message from City Manager Jenny Haruyama 

“While the past year was filled with peaks and valleys as the global pandemic took new and surprising turns, Beaverton stayed strong to ensure the health of its community. During a time of extreme uncertainty, the city maintained core services without interruption, responded to emerging needs, and facilitated the completion of critical community assets—all while transitioning from a Strong Mayor to Council-Manager form of government. I’m inspired by our organization’s grit and genuine service orientation…” 

“…Beaverton is on the precipice of a new journey; like that of a butterfly, our city is undergoing dramatic, yet positive change. As we emerge from our cocoon of the pandemic, we recognize how we embraced our struggle and loss to find learning. We drew strength from resilience, helping us accomplish a wide range of impactful initiatives like the continued expansion of downtown’s restaurant row, Cooper Mountain strategic planning, and completion of the new City Park Fountain, Beaverton Central Parking Garage, and Patricia Reser Center of the Arts (PRCA), all of which will define Beaverton for years to come. Like the butterfly, Beaverton has a history of being strong and adaptive. It is filled with professionals who think creatively and step up to meet any challenge we face. I’m excited for the future and what we’ll discover as we embark on this new adventure together.” 

Read the city manager’s full message and view the budget at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Budget