Transportation System Plan to Chart a Course to the Future

Beaverton is updating its 20-year Transportation System Plan. The Transportation System Plan defines a vision for transportation in Beaverton and is the foundation from which all citywide transportation policy and investment decisions are made. The last time Beaverton’s Transportation System Plan was updated was in 2010.
A lot has changed since 2010. There have been shifts in community goals, City Council priorities, technology, and a deepened awareness of racial equity, climate change, and how investments in the transportation system, or lack thereof, affect people’s lives. This plan looks to chart a new course for transportation in Beaverton, by working with the community to find pathways to reverse past injustices and empower and uplift individuals, families, and neighborhoods through transportation strategies and investments.
An update of this plan is a Council Priority. The project is anticipated to take two-and-a-half years. Staff are preparing a Transportation Growth Management Grant application to request $300,000 from the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development to assist with funding the project. It is a competitive process, and the city will know if it is successful in September.
To learn more, visit or contact Jessica Engelmann, Community Development Department,, 503-530-0768.