Sustainability Corner

Be Prepared

While it may have been one of the wettest springs on record for our region, that doesn’t guarantee the avoidance of wildfire smoke later this summer. Climate change is making drought conditions more extreme in drier areas in Oregon and neighboring states. Smoke from fires in those regions can travel hundreds and (under the right conditions) thousands of miles. Don’t wait until smoke arrives to be prepared.
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Interested in Electric Vehicle Charging at Home or for Your Business?
Battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales are on the rise, and Oregon is one of the state’s leading the charge. Transportation is the largest source of emissions, and the transition to electric vehicles is a key part of meeting Beaverton’s Climate Action Plan goals. Sales of these vehicles nearly doubled in the United States during 2021 and are only expected to grow. If you own or lease an electric vehicle, you can sign up for a $500 rebate toward a Level 2 residential charger. If you’re interested in adding electric vehicle charging to your business or multifamily property, rebates of up to $2,300 are available.
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Cut Your Grass and Emissions
Is that the smell of fresh cut grass? And the sound of… an electric motor? Cars aren’t the only thing becoming electrified. The options (and affordability) of residential electric lawn and garden equipment are expanding. This is good news for the climate and local air quality. Gas-powered lawn equipment accounts for 5 percent of all air pollution in the United States with just one hour of mowing equal to driving a car 500 miles!
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