Sewer and Surface Water Rates Increase

Sewer and surface water rates increased Friday, Jul. 1. Clean Water Services (CWS) and the city held separate public hearings on Tuesday, Jun. 21, where these rate increases were presented for adoption.
The sanitary sewer bill increased 4.3 percent per month, or $2.18 for a single-family residence that uses 8CCF of winter water per month. The surface water management fee is proposed to increase 5.3 percent per month, or $0.63 for a single-family residence.
CWS is the regional water provider for the city’s sanitary sewer treatment and surface water management. For ease, these charges are included on monthly drinking water bills as a separate line item—both agencies periodically modify their rates to support the work of protecting water resources, maintaining infrastructure, and responding to the changing needs of our community.
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