Recycle Or Not – Tanglers

Keep wires, hoses, chains and electric cords out of your recycling bin.
From charging your phone to lighting up your home, wires, hoses, and electric cords help keep your life running smoothly. But when they stop working and it’s time to get rid of them, please keep them out of your recycling bin.
When tanglers, like wires and cords end up in the recycling bin, they can cause big problems. Like a shoelace caught in a bicycle chain, they can get tangled in the recycling sorting machines, causing delays and creating hazards for workers. You can help by disposing of them correctly.
At home or work, this means throwing them in the trash. It might feel wrong, but you’re helping our recycling by keeping them out of your bin.
There are recycling centers that will accept electric cords and wires for recycling, but you must keep them separated from other materials and take them directly to an accepting location.
If you want to make the extra effort to recycle your cords, please contact us to learn how at or call 503-526-2665.