Improve Safety by Keeping Your Trees Maintained

Street trees are those that are located within the public right-of-way, and while some of them are maintained by the city, many are the responsibility of homeowners. The city limits its maintenance to work on main arterial trees within the public rights-of-way, public properties, and private trees that pose an immediate threat to the life/safety of the public. Hazards to public health or safety may include but are not limited to obstruction of traffic control devices and obstructions to illumination by streetlights by limbs and foliage.

Street trees are an important aspect of our city’s infrastructure:

  • They contribute to the livability of the Beaverton community,
  • Enhance the appearance and overall attractiveness of Beaverton for continued prosperity and growth,
  • Improve air quality,
  • Reduce noise pollution,
  • Reduce surface runoff, and
  • Reduce surface and groundwater contamination.

For information on property owner responsibility of street trees, pruning standards, and more helpful information to keep our city looking beautiful, visit

The American Sycamore outside Beaverton City Library Main was pruned in 2019 after winning the Beaverton’s Favorite Tree contest.