Concerned About Eviction? Try Mediation First

If you are a renter, landlord, or property manager concerned about eviction, mediation through the Center for Mediation and Dialogue may be able to help.
Eviction Prevention Mediation is a process where a neutral facilitator meets with all the parties, connects participants with resources, and then helps the parties have a conversation to address their needs. In mediation, participants can directly discuss concerns, and make a plan that is best for their situation. Some agreements could include addressing payment plans, lease violations, move-out plans, or other topics parties wish to include. Mediation allows for more time and flexibility than a court process.
The mediation process is free, confidential, voluntary, flexible, and accessible.
Why try eviction prevention mediation? Like all mediation, eviction prevention mediation aims for a win-win, so that renters can keep their housing stable, and housing providers can achieve financial stability, and maintain good relationships with long-term renters. Mediation can take place as soon as concerns for either party start to surface.
To learn more, contact the Center for Mediation and Dialogue at mediation@ or leave us a message at 503-526-2523.