Celebrating 10 Years and Over 180 BOLD Graduates

Congratulations, to graduates of the BOLD class of 2022!
The city is proud to celebrate a decade of investing in and cultivating leaders from historically marginalized communities through the Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD) Program, in partnership with the nonprofit Unite Oregon. Today, over 150 BOLD alumni are serving on city boards and commissions, organizing in schools and workplaces, lobbying in the legislature, collaborating on community projects, running for office, and so much more. The program is a core strategy of the city to engage communities of color, immigrants and refugees, and it has been transformational for Beaverton.
BOLD is centered around growing new leaders, connecting to city resources, building cross-cultural relationships, and laying the groundwork for civic engagement. Much of BOLD’s success comes from its format, which is based on a popular educational model that builds on the collective knowledge and experience of participants of diverse backgrounds.
Despite having to transition to a virtual format during the pandemic, the program has forged on and found new ways to adapt and engage with incredible new participants each year. This year’s cohort includes diverse and passionate participants ranging from newly arriving immigrants to folks who have spent most of their lives here, established civic leaders to those taking their first steps into engagement with local government.
Recruitment for new participants happens each spring. For more info, visit www. BeavertonOregon.gov/BOLD.