‘Ready & Resilient’: Celebrating Public Works Week

In coordination with the American Public Works Association, the City of Beaverton is celebrating National Public Works Week May 15th – 21st. The theme for 2022 is “Ready and Resilient”, within every public works professional lies a superhero, meet some of our superheroes in Beaverton. Public works professionals are always READY to serve their communities and RESILIENT as ever in their abilities to pick themselves up off the ground after encountering challenges.

The “Ready & Resilient” theme highlights the ability of these professionals to perform regular public works duties and be ready at a moment’s notice to react as first responders during natural disasters and overcome trials seen in the field.  Please join us in thanking our frontline workers who provide a sustained response through emergencies including weather events, wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, while operating and maintaining the city’s storm, sewer, and water systems, traffic and street lights, pavement and sidewalks, trees and landscaping, and the entire city fleet.

The Beaverton Public Works Department also includes a division of engineers, surveyors, and technicians tasked with managing capital improvement projects aimed at creating safer, more efficient streets and water systems. The engineering team works alongside the operations and maintenance division to ensure future upgrades are sustainable and achieve the overall maintenance needs of the city. 

The next time you see a public work employee in your neighborhood sweeping the streets, planting trees, repairing a sidewalk, inspecting a project, or replacing a sign, feel free to wave and say a socially distanced hello!  

Hear from the City of Beaverton’s Public Works staff 

“My position allows me to see a project through from start to finish and to be fully invested in the people, process, and product.”

Aaron, a project manager who has been with the city for 15 years

“In general, I enjoy working to improve upon our existing operations and maintenance strategies. My favorite project was when I was running our ADA retrofit program a few years ago. I got the chance to work with a Beaverton resident who is blind and we worked together to find ways to improve upon our general ADA ramp orientation and design to help better serve people with impaired vision. ADA ramps are meant to help those with mobility and/or vision impairments and it was fulfilling to get the perspective of a resident who lives with the challenges that we are trying to aid. Having that experience and hearing that input gave me a new outlook on how I could better our methods to yield a product that will better serve our community.”

Project Manager Brant

“No matter which project it is it’s not only the work itself that makes it a favorite but the people that you are working with to accomplish them.” 

Travis, a street/construction supervisor who has been with the city for 23 years

“What I like the most about working for the city as an associate engineer is that I can participate in the Capital Improvement Projects to improve service to Beaverton residents. With the city I also have the opportunity to work with many great team members that do not just focus on their growth but also want the younger generations like me to learn as much as possible to become the best versions of ourselves.”

Engineer Eduardo

“I love a good puzzle and I wanted to help people. I also enjoy watching things be built. Those things lead me to Engineering. I credit my interest in government to Leslie Knope.”

Marisa, an engineering associate

“I like being able to drive home after work and think that I am making a difference for the residents of Beaverton. It’s a new feeling for me; being a public servant. It feels good to be part of the Beaverton Public Works team and just knowing that we are all working towards the same goal.”  

Mark, a senior transportation engineer

When asked, what do you like best about working for the city? Fleet Operational Lead Scott said, “The endless possibilities for advancement and career growth and the support from management.”