Which Future for Cooper Mountain?

Many of you shared your ideas and thoughts on the three alternatives for Cooper Mountain. The alternatives show different ways the city could plan for new housing, commercial areas, parks, trails, natural areas, and roads.
Now comes the exciting part — as you help to develop a “preferred approach” to creating new neighborhoods in Cooper Mountain. The preferred approach (likely a hybrid of the plan alternatives, along with some new ideas) will inform future zoning, development rules, and the funding plan for needed infrastructure.
Stay involved alongside City Council, stakeholders, and community members as the preferred approach is formed this summer. In May, you can review the public engagement summary to see what people had to say about the plan alternatives and join the next Community Advisory Committee meeting. The preferred approach will be discussed with City Council during a work session this July.
Don’t miss out! You can sign up for project updates and learn more about upcoming events at www.BeavertonOregon.gov/CooperMountain. Contact Cassera Phipps of the Community Development Department at 503-319-9414.