Safe Parking Program Marks Third Anniversary

The Safe Parking Program just marked its third anniversary in April! The program’s goal is to provide a safe, legal place to park and case management for people experiencing homelessness and living out of their vehicles. Safe Parking continues to be a resource for families and individuals without other options and helps provide stability while they are working toward housing. In the three years of operations, the program has served a total of 109 individuals, with 50 of them transitioned successfully into housing.
A guest went through the Safe Parking Program after struggling to find a safe place to live and regroup. With the help of his case manager, he was able to successfully secure employment and transition into housing.
“This program provided me with a safe place to stay, sanitation, and a sense of purpose. I felt as my dignity was restored, providing opportunity, safety and support was heartfelt and gave me purpose,” he shared.
This year marked an exciting milestone of incorporating a fifth host site into the program, which was the original goal and increases program capacity to 15 vehicles total. Site hosts include the city, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, and three faith-based partners, who each provide space for up to three vehicles to park, a portable restroom, and a storage unit. Just Compassion of East Washington County continues to act as operating partner, providing case management and housing navigation for guests.
For more information about the program, visit For enrollment, contact Just Compassion at 503-624-4666.