Your Vision: What Do You Want the City to Look Like in 10 Years? 

Community Vision Work Continues in 2022 

Get ready to share your thoughts about Beaverton’s future. The Community Vision is a citywide project and opportunity for community members to help inform city priorities and activities. 

What Is the Community Vision? 

The Community Vision is an opportunity for residents to help guide city functions. The vision identifies the actions that the city will work on over the next decade, and is determined through a community outreach process that includes surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other opportunities for public comment. The last Community Vision was completed in 2016. 

The Visioning Advisory Committee (VAC) is the volunteer group that leads this process and gives community members a say in the visioning process. The VAC is prioritizing public participation as well as involvement from underrepresented communities. 

Why Does the Community Vision Matter? 

The Community Vision is the guiding document for the city. The 2016 Community Vision realized and inspired many city projects that have been completed or are currently in development. The current update will reflect outcomes that will inform the city’s vision in a new and different way. 

What Has the Community Vision Accomplished? 

The 2016 Beaverton Community Visioning process resulted in five key themes to guide city programming, as well as 104 specific projects. The Community Vision focuses on a wide range of topics like climate action, transportation, housing, equity, public safety, and so much more! Find out more about projects that were shaped by the Community Vision at!  

2022 Community Vision Process  

The 2022 Visioning Process began with a brief in-the-moment survey to capture community thoughts on topics of interest. More than 600 city residents responded to this initial survey, identifying some key areas of interest. Those topics were housing, transportation, public safety, climate action, economic development, emergency preparedness, land-use planning, community building/inclusion, and homelessness. Look out for a community survey and other engagement happening this spring.  

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