Downtown Equity / Downtown Parks / Downtown Loop  

The Downtown Equity Strategy is a joint initiative of the city and the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) that aims to guide redevelopment in and around downtown Beaverton to ensure that downtown develops as an inclusive place for racially diverse communities, and that displacement is prevented, minimized and mitigated. Six top themes emerged in previous community feedback, which we are following up on during community engagement for this project: 

■ Community gathering spaces. 

■ Increase in thriving small businesses. 

■ Increase in housing security and affordability. 

■   Increases in green space in the project area.  

■ Systems of accountability, transparency and trust between the community and the city.  

■   Real inclusion.  

Get involved! The project team is involving community members throughout this important work. Visit to sign up for project updates and learn more about upcoming engagement opportunities. For more information, contact Rachel Thieme, Community Development Department, at

Downtown Parks and Open Space Planning Effort Underway 

Exciting things have been happening in downtown Beaverton.  New housing, diverse restaurants and the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts are making it a vibrant place. 

It’s time to plan for the additional parks and open spaces we need in our downtown. The city is partnering with Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD) on a new downtown parks and open space framework.   

We’ve seen the magic shared outdoor spaces bring to our downtown. The Beaverton Farmer’s Market and City Park have long brought visitors of all ages, cultures, and abilities. Now, let’s plan for our next great outdoor spaces. 

The city and THPRD will be reaching out to see what additional parks and open spaces you want in downtown.  What unique design features or amenities do we need? How do we make the spaces welcoming, inclusive, and reflective of our full community? 

The city and THPRD will spend much of 2022 developing this new plan, with strategies to achieve downtown Beaverton’s future as a parks and open space magnet.   

  For more on this exciting project, sign up on Beaverton Notify Me List at www., or contact Sara King in the Community Development Department at or 503-526-2533. 

Enhance livability is one of the goals highlighted in the award-winning Community Vision plan. An update of the plan is underway. Find out how you can take part at  

Share Your Thoughts on Making Downtown More Walkable  

The Downtown Loop is a key city initiative to enhance walking, biking and transit on Southwest Hall Boulevard and Southwest Watson Avenue in downtown Beaverton. It seeks to establish a strong connection between Old Town and Beaverton Central by reimagining how the streets and sidewalks are used and how they look. Our community engagement seeks input to develop and evaluate design alternatives toward determining a preferred alternative.  

The Loop envisions: 

■ Sidewalks that are spacious and gracious. 

■  Bike facilities that are consistent, contiguous, and provide safety and comfort for people of all ages and abilities.  

■  Bus stops that provide comfortable places for passengers to wait and allow buses and people biking to better share the space along the curb. 

■ Major intersections that make people walking and biking more visible and reduce conflicts with people driving. 

Visit the website at to watch the one-hour recording of the virtual open house discussing the design alternatives and take a few moments to answer the online survey questions (open through Monday, Mar. 7). In addition, sign up to receive email notifications for additional feedback opportunities in the future. Your ideas are essential in helping us design a dynamic downtown for all who call Beaverton home.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Loop’s project manager Dan Turk in the Community Development Department at or 503-526-2473. 

Improved mobility is one of the goals highlighted in the award-winning Community Vision plan. An update of the plan is underway. Find out how you can take part at

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, City Councilor   

“I am thrilled that Beaverton is focused on racial equity and preventing gentrification as we continue to revitalize downtown Beaverton.” 

Laura Mitchell, City Councilor   

“Thank you to the staff, community members, business owners and regional partners who have contributed to the development of our downtown area!” 

Allison Tivnon, City Councilor   

“Help us shape what our downtown will look like for future generations. Your feedback matters!” 

Nadia Hasan, City Councilor   

“Downtown Beaverton is diverse and vibrant and I am excited we are centering community voices in our equity strategy and look forward to continued growth.” 

Marc San Soucie, Council President

“It’s exciting that this work is focused on people. We want people to enjoy being on foot in our downtown places.”