Census 2020: Population, Racial Diversity Changes 

The city is beginning to receive more data from the 2020 Census—and is learning more about the community from this important survey. 

One interesting outcome is a recognition that Beaverton is becoming more diverse in its racial and ethnicity makeup. The share of the population identifying as Hispanic or Latino increased to 18.1 percent of total population. 

Beaverton’s population identifying as Asian increased to 15.3 percent, and those identifying as Black or African American also rose to 4.6 percent. The percentage of the population identifying as white decreased to 59 percent of the population.  

In addition, as of Jul. 1, 2021, the certified population estimate for Beaverton is 97,782.  

While this number looks like a decrease from previous years, it is important to note that these numbers represent the most recent available census data. This number is still subject to change, as there is ongoing review through Thursday, Mar. 31. 

By the Numbers  

97,782 Population  

18.1% Latinx    

15.3% Asian       

4.6% Black or African American 

3.2% Native American 

1.1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 

59% White (non-Hispanic) 

Note: adds up to slightly more than 100% due to using “Race alone or in combination” numbers for BIPOC communities, a more accurate depiction.