Capital Improvement Program Projects at a Glance 

In an effort to keep the public informed about major construction going on around the city, this “Projects at a Glance” list will continue to be updated. This list highlights some of the major work happening in Beaverton but does not include all construction. The items in this list, often referred to as Capital Improvement Program Projects, are primarily large-scale construction, including road improvement and enhancements, expanded water and wastewater utility work, major improvements within city parks, and construction of city buildings. 

Enhance public services is one of the goals highlighted in the award-winning Community Vision plan. An update of the plan is underway.  

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Cooper Mountain Reservoir #2 and Associated Improvements Project 

■ The new 5.5-million-gallon prestressed concrete reservoir was completed, filled, and put into operation in February. With the new reservoir operational, the old reservoir can be temporarily taken offline without disrupting service so that improvements can be made to the tank, including installing a mixing system inside the tank and completing seismic upgrades to its inlet and outlet piping. It is anticipated that the stockpiled dirt along Southwest Kemmer Road will remain through this spring until dry weather returns.  

■ The Control Valve Vault and Operations Building structures are mostly complete. Final interior piping, electrical, and instrumentation improvements are ongoing. 

■ Well drilling and development of the ASR Well No. 7 well is complete. The well pump has been fabricated and should be installed in the next few months. Construction of the ASR Mechanical Building and Booster Pump Station Building is close to completion with ongoing chemical, electrical, and instrumentation installation. 

Construction of the metal storage building began in January. 

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Western Avenue Street Improvements / City 16-Inch Waterline /Willamette Water Supply System 48-Inch Transmission Waterline 

■ Current status: In construction with anticipated completion in spring 2023. Franchise utility undergrounding between Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Southwest Allen Boulevard is 90 percent complete. 

■ City storm and sanitary system upgrades are now underway. 

■ Construction of the 48-inch Willamette Water Supply System Commission (WWSS) waterline began in February. 

■ The 48-inch waterline that will be installed within the Western Avenue project limits is owned by the WWSS. This pipeline is referred to as the Metzger Pipeline (MPE 1.1). For more information regarding the WWSS MPE 1.1 project please visit the website: 

■ The project also includes a 16-inch city waterline within the Western Avenue project limits.  Anticipated start date for construction of the city’s waterline is summer 2022.  

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Erickson Trunk Sewer and Water System – Phase 2 

12-inch water main installation is now underway on Erickson Avenue. 

■ ADA ramps, concrete work, and light pole installation along the pedestrian pathway is underway. 

■ 990 feet of eight-inch and 190 feet of six-inch ductile iron waterline installed on the east side of Central Park Condos near the pedestrian pathway and 31 new water services installed. 

■ 740 feet of 21-inch trunk sewer line installed in Southwest 5th Street and then south along the east side of Central Park Condos up to Southwest 6th Street. 

■ 18-inch trunk sewer line installation is complete. This includes all sewer along the pedestrian pathway through Central Park Condos and Beaverton Lodge up to Southwest 10th Street. 

■ The final remaining 21-inch trunk sewer line will be tied in at the intersection of Erickson Avenue and Southwest 5th Street later this winter. 

■ Construction is expected to be completed by end of April.  

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