Behavorial Health Court Celebrates One Year Anniversary 

In January 2021, Beaverton Municipal Court (BHC) began its Behavioral Health Court. The program pairs a specialty trained multidisciplinary team with individuals with mental illness who have committed crimes within the city. This is a voluntary program for defendants that aims to enroll participants in mental health treatment and link them to housing and social services. Participants do frequent check-ins with Judge Juliet Britton, who provides positive feedback as they move through their recovery. So far, the court has enrolled 10 participants, with four graduating with dismissals of their cases. 

Defense attorney Cierra Brown takes a moment before court to enjoy the therapy dogs.  
Judge Juliet Britton congratulates a recent graduate of the BHC program.  
A BHC participant spends time with Stella, one of the Dove Lewis Therapy Dogs. The court partners with Dove Lewis Therapy Teams to provide support before and during court when participants sit down and check-in with the judge.