Recycle Your Old Computers and TVs With Oregon E-Cycles

Recycle Your old Computers and TVs with Oregon E-Cycles 

Did you recently get a new TV or maybe a computer? Have you wondered what to do with the old one? In fact, more than two-thirds of Oregon households report having old, unused electronics taking up space in their home. Electronics often contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury and should be disposed of properly. 

Here’s the good news! In Oregon, it’s easy and free to safely recycle old TVs, computers, printers, monitors and tablets through our Oregon E-Cycles program. This program ensures that harmful materials like lead and mercury often found in electronics are kept out of our air, soil and water. 

Find your nearest free drop-off site by either calling 1-888-532-9253 or visiting Is your old item still in good condition? Consider donating it. Visit for donation options.