Downtown Parking: Know Where to Go 

Beaverton has added many amenities for downtown users in recent years— amazing restaurants, shops, a new fountain, more housing, and the soon-to-open Patricia Reser Center for the Arts to name a few. 

With exciting developments like these, there is no surprise that the demand for parking is also on the rise. To help, the city has invested in parking resources and is developing parking strategies to improve the downtown parking experience.  

The new Beaverton Central district parking garage will open in January. It will feature 270 parking spots, available to visitors to the area for a fee. It will also support parking at The Round and The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts and will be open 24 hours a day. 

Other parking options are available throughout the city center. Visitors can visit for a mobile-friendly map that displays parking locations, public options, time limitations and more. Don’t forget to click on the icons on the map for more information!