Electric Vehicle Rebates and Incentives 

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision. Switching to an electric vehicle might be an even bigger one. The good news is the decision might be easier knowing that there is money available from the state and federal government to help in your purchase. 

Through Oregon’s electric vehicle rebate program, all residents can receive up to $2,500 toward the purchase (or lease) of a qualifying new electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. Low- and moderate-income residents can receive an additional $5,000 on new — or used — EVs or PIHs.  

Additionally, the federal government’s Zero Emission Vehicle Incentive Program provides a tax credit of up to $7,500 when purchasing an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. (It’s important to note that this is a tax credit and affected by your tax liability — meaning you can only receive a credit up to the amount of taxes you owe.) 

To learn more visit https://forthmobility.org/why-electric/incentives-savings.