What Do You Want the City to Look Like in 10 Years?

The Visioning Advisory Committee is working on an updated Community Vision Plan to identify community-inspired actions the city will work on over the next decade.

The Community Vision shapes the work that the city does. Examples in this issue include the Mary Ann housing community on page 1 (Goal #107: Develop housing policies that stimulate a mix of housing stock) and The Reser on page 5 (Action #39: Build a performing arts center to establish downtown as a region-wide draw and tourist attraction).

The Visioning Advisory Committee needs your feedback! Visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/Vision to find upcoming opportunities to share how Beaverton can better serve you and what topics you feel are most important for the city to address.

March 2021

Visioning Advisory Committee presents City Council with plan to update the Community Vision.

August/September 2021

Brief snapshot survey launched for an of-the-moment look at residents’ priorities.

Fall/Winter 2021

Visioning Advisory Committee meets with key community members, councils, and organizations to develop a community outreach plan.

Winter/Spring 2021

The Visioning Advisory Committee conducts further community outreach to ensure maximum public involvement.

Spring 2022

Data from the outreach collected and analyzed to identify key Visioning themes and actions.

Summer 2022

Updated Community Vision document presented to City Council.

Visioning Snapshot Survey

The Visioning Snapshot Survey was conducted between Aug. 5 and Oct. 3 and included 13 closed-ended and two open-ended questions. The survey received a total of 603 responses and was offered in eight languages. Calls to improve access to affordable housing and local transportation services and relevant infrastructures appeared throughout survey responses.

Councilor Quote

City Councilor Mark Fagin, Visioning Advisory Committee Council Liaison

“It’s time! Now is the time to engage with the city and provide input that will help shape the future of Beaverton. The Community Vision is a great way to make sure your voice is heard. Throughout the coming months there will be many opportunities to take part in surveys and listening sessions. The Community Vision has been and continues to be a driver for city projects. What is the city missing that you would like to see? What is the city doing that you like, but you would like to see more? Where should the city be investing in our community? After community input, the Vision document will be used to shape the city budget. It will be used to determine future capital projects. The main point is, with your input, the Community Vision will be used! It will not gather dust on a shelf, but it will make a direct impact on the future of Beaverton! Please participate.”

Visioning Advisory Committee Quotes

Brian Powell, Committee Chair “One of the things I love about living in Beaverton is that everyone’s voice matters. This process is about coming together to shape Beaverton in ways that enable everyone to thrive.”

Jen Christy, Committee Member “We are especially focused on hearing from residents of all backgrounds about the kind of city they want to live in. Thank you in advance for participating!”

Rachel Philip, Committee Member “I am excited to hear the community’s input and priorities! That input is critical for us to create a plan for the city where everyone can thrive.”