One Book, One Beaverton 2022

What if all of Beaverton read the same book?

Beaverton City Library is pleased to announce that The Cold Millions by Jess Walter, author of The New York Times bestseller Beautiful Ruins, is the selection for our fourth-annual One Book, One Beaverton community-wide reading program. Walter’s captivating historical novel, set in the Pacific Northwest, is an eye-opening portrayal of our nation’s class divisions, brought to life by a vibrant cast of characters, both real and invented.

It’s 1909 in Spokane, Wash., and orphans Gig and Rye don’t have a penny to their names. The brothers work grueling, odd jobs each day just to secure a meal, and spend nights sleeping wherever they can with other day laborers. Gig is a passionate union man, fighting for fair pay and calling out the corrupt employers who exploit the working class. Eager to emulate his older brother, Rye follows suit, though he can’t quite muster Gig’s passion for the cause. But when Rye’s turn on the soapbox gets him thrown in jail, he catches the eye of well-known activist and suffragette Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and is soon swept into the chaotic world of labor activism and shady dealings with business tycoons.

The San Francisco Chronicle calls the novel “Stunning … The Cold Millions feels timed perfectly to this moment of stark income inequality, where the crevasse between billionaires and workers widens and activism increases … Walter marshals a motley, fascinating cast of characters so finely drawn that they lift from the page.”

During the month of January, we invite you to attend a series of related special events, and the program will culminate in an evening with author Jess Walter on Saturday, Feb. 5. We will begin handing out free copies of the book starting Saturday, Nov. 13 at a special book giveaway, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at both library locations.

For more details, please see our website,, or call 503-644-2197.