LED Street Light Conversion Continues

The city’s main focus has been on converting city-owned lights south of Southwest Farmington Road from the east and west city limits. Portland General Electric has been putting a lot of focus on converting their lights, which is entirely complete within the city limits. Currently the city has a combination of High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide, and Induction lighting. HPS lights are known for their distinct yellow glow. By converting to LED, we are able to light the streets brighter and use less wattage. LED is more a natural sunlight color. The new LED fixtures have a more directional array that casts light forward and to the sides. This allows a more efficient lighting of both the street and the sidewalks.

The first conversion was several years back with a federal stimulus funded project that gave the city a budget to purchase 851 LED fixtures. Some of these first LED lights were installed on Southwest Hall Boulevard starting at Southwest Allen Boulevard going south to just past Southwest Greenway. In 2017, the city purchased about 1,500 lights from Portland General Electric at a discounted cost of $90,000.

The third round of conversion took place in 2020 and 2021 with $500,000 allowance. The city purchased about 1,100 LED fixtures, which will nearly complete the LED conversion from Southwest Scholls Ferry Road to Southwest Farmington Road with the exception of Southwest Murray Boulevard. It is estimated that 127 fixtures are needed to complete the conversion south of Southwest Farmington Road from the west to the east city limits.

In 2021 and 2022, the city will focus on street lighting north of Southwest Farmington Road from the west to the east city limits. The city will have ordered a total of 538 fixtures for the streets with $250,000 allocated for street lighting. The city will begin with the 127 fixtures on Southwest Murray Boulevard.

For more information on Public Works projects, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/PublicWorks.  

Street Lights by the Numbers

16,551 total lights inside city limits

10,502 lights owned/maintained by Portland General Electric

200 PGE maintained/city owned

4,879 lights owned/maintained by the city

832 lights owned/maintained by other

138 lights city maintained/other owned