Community wide Clean Energy Is Essential to City’s Climate Action Goals

The electrical outlets spaced throughout homes and business are an overlooked modern marvel. We plug in items and electric current flows to do everything from keep our food cold, to keep our rooms comfortable, to cook our dinner, to entertain us through sound and video. But where does that electric current come from? And what’s the impact for this magic?

Electricity generation is responsible for more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Beaverton1. Reducing those emissions is essential to meeting the city’s climate action goals and addressing the climate crisis. This is why the Beaverton’s Climate Action Plan includes a goal of Net Zero Emissions from Electricity by 2035.

To meet this goal, city staff are working with Beaverton’s electrical utility (Portland General Electric) to develop a simple, affordable, and fair clean energy option for the entire community.

While many residents already voluntarily purchase renewable energy, the benefits of sourcing renewable energy should be available to all residents, at minimal cost by expanding participation communitywide.

For more information on renewable energy, options for your household, and the development of a communitywide clean energy program, please visit

1ODEQ 2019 projection and City of Beaverton 2017 GHG inventory