City Seeks to Expand Housing Opportunity

You shared your ideas. Throughout the year, community members shared their thoughts and preferences on where and how the city should allow diverse housing types in existing neighborhoods through the Housing Options Project (HOP) and future neighborhoods through the Cooper Mountain Community Plan.

We listened. Your comments helped us draft a preferred approach to expanding housing variety in existing residential neighborhoods. The preferred approach blends several themes from engagement, including: (1) flexibility, promoting housing variety and supporting building designs that respond to site and climate; (2) context, customizing where and how new homes are allowed based on local characteristics; and (3) community, promoting housing design and outdoor open space on lots with new housing to help neighbors get to know each other better. There’s more. Your input helped us explore different options for housing, commercial uses, parks, natural resource protection, new roads and trail connections in the Cooper Mountain area. This December, City Council will provide guidance on the draft plan alternatives. We’ll ask community members to weigh in on the alternatives for Cooper Mountain in early 2022!

If you would like to know more about the Housing Options Project, contact Rob Zoeller of the Community Development Department at 503-319-0329 or visit

If you would like to know more about the Cooper Mountain Community Plan, contact Cassera Phipps of the Community Development Department at 503-319- 9414 or visit