Volunteering With Your Neighborhood!

Have you ever wondered who patrols your streets at night? How to get a parking issue resolved in front of your local park? Where to go to let your opinion be known on citywide issues? Your Neighborhood Association Committee (NAC) tackles all of these issues and a lot more!

Get started by attending your first meeting. Introduce yourself to the group of neighbors, learn the ins and outs of the city’s public engagement efforts. Comment on current and upcoming city plans, take on projects to better your neighborhood, and find real solutions to common neighborhood issues.

Your NAC is a group of volunteers dedicated to improving the place you call home and they would love to have you join them. Bring your ideas, your opinions, and your expertise to your next NAC meeting. There is a job for all skill types and time availabilities.

 To learn what NAC you are in, NAC meeting times and dates, or how you can help, please email neighbormail@BeavertonOregon.gov and a staff member will reach out to help get you started.