Mayor’s Message

The cool, fall air isn’t here yet, but it’s officially back-to-school season. It’s an unusual time for those entering milestone years of education (first year of kindergarten, middle school, high school or higher education). While those first days might not feel momentous in the ways they once did, they are still moments to mark and celebrate.  

We continue to live in a strange time where following official health and safety guidance can feel like a rollercoaster. Before COVID-19, we hadn’t lived through a global pandemic of this magnitude. Science and technology have been advancing rapidly, thankfully leading to life-saving vaccines but also frustratingly leading to ever-changing guidance. If you’re struggling with the yo-yo ride, you’re not alone.  

I know it’s hard. We’re all more than ready for things to feel normal again. And we will — if we commit to maintaining health and safety measures a little while longer. Mask up, keep your distance, and wash your hands. We’ll get through this together.  

Lacey Beaty, Mayor 

Mayor Meetup  

Noon to 2 p.m.  

Thursday, Sep. 16  

1st Street Dining Commons  

Located between Southwest Watson and Southwest Washington Avenues