Diversity Advisory Board 

Earlier in the year, the Diversity Advisory Board (DAB) held a board retreat to choose focus areas and goals for the year. This year, the chosen focus areas are business development and recovery, support for vulnerable populations, and housing. The DAB has been involved in several activities in 2021:  

  • Advised on COVID-19 relief grants for past Beaverton Night Market vendors  
  • Were co-sponsors for the Beaverton Special Election Spring Voters’ Forum  
  • Formed a temporary subgroup to provide recommendations on spending for the federal funds Beaverton will be getting through the American Rescue Plan Act  
  • Actively planning this year’s Beaverton Night Market event  
  • The DAB also has representatives serving on the Public Safety Center Plaza Naming Committee, Housing Technical Advisory Group, and various city hiring panels. 

Website: www.BeavertonOregon.gov/DAB

Councilor Marc San Soucie, Diversity Advisory Board City Council Liaison  

“Our Diversity Advisory Board continues to bring valuable and substantive ideas, suggestions, and advice to the city. In addition to helping to organize events and programs of high quality, they bring perspective that helps us all do better as a community. It is a pleasure to work with DAB this year.” 

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