City Council Run-off Election: Vote on Sep. 21  

A Run-off Election for City Council Position 1 will be held on Tuesday, Sep. 21. Position 1 became vacant when Councilor Lacey Beaty was elected to the position of Mayor, resigned from City Council, and assumed office as Mayor on Jan. 1, 2021. A Special Election was held on May 18 to fill vacant Position 1 through the unexpired term ending Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022. No candidate received a majority of the total number of votes cast for Council Position 1 in the May election. Per Beaverton Charter of 2021, Article 5.9(c), if no candidate receives a majority of the total number of votes cast for all candidates for the position, then a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes must be held at the election that is next available pursuant to state law. Per the official election results of the May 18, 2021 Special Election and the requirements of the Beaverton Charter of 2021, the names of council candidates Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg and Jerome Sibayan were placed on the ballot for a City Council Run-off Special Election on Tuesday, Sep. 21. Both Hartmeier-Prigg and Sibayan were invited to attend the Beaverton Voters’ Forum to be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sep. 9. 

Watch online at The City of Beaverton Voters’ Pamphlet was mailed Tuesday, Aug. 17 through Friday, Aug. 20 and posted online at Ballots will be mailed out Wednesday, Sep. 1. 

Sep. 21, 2021 Special Election

The following dropsites will be available after the ballots are mailed out on Wednesday, Sep. 1. No postage is needed if you drop your ballot off at an Elections Office or an official dropsite in the state. 24-Hour Dropsites: These will remain open until 8 p.m. election night. 

Aloha Community Library 17455 SW Farmington Rd. Ste. 26A, (Farmington Marketplace Shopping Center), Aloha  

Beaverton City Library Main Curbside on Hall Boulevard (between Southwest 3rd and Southwest 5th Streets), Beaverton  

Beaverton Library – Murray Scholls 11200 SW Murray Scholls Pl. Ste. 102, Beaverton  

Bethany Library 15325 NW Central Dr. Ste. J-8, Portland  

Cedar Mill Community Library 12505 NW Cornell Rd. Ste. 13, Portland  

Washington County Elections Office 2925 NE Aloclek Dr., Hillsboro  

Washington County Service Center East 3700 SW Murray Blvd.,  

Beaverton West Slope Community Library 3678 SW 78th Ave., Portland