Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency (BURA) Board

Created in 2011 to capitalize on opportunities within central Beaverton and meet desires identified in the Community Vision to create a revitalized, vibrant downtown core, BURA is responsible for administering and monitoring urban redevelopment activities within the city’s urban redevelopment area. Currently, BURA has three boards and commissions.

BURA Board

The BURA Board is responsible for developing and implementing the goals of the Central Beaverton Urban Renewal Plan. Membership includes the mayor, City Council, and four community members. This year, the BURA Board added four new members. This year’s projects and programs include the Downtown Equity Strategy, the Beaverton Downtown Loop Project, passing the BURA annual budget, downtown parking projects, BURA’s 10-Year Anniversary, and acquiring and managing of strategic properties in the urban redevelopment area, such as the Beaverton 2-Acre (BC2) site located on Southwest Beaverdam Road.


Councilor Mark Fagin, Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency Board (BURA)

“One of my favorite set of programs running through BURA this year includes Open Air Beaverton and the 1st Street Dining Commons. Both of these programs allow us to get out and enjoy dining in downtown, outdoors!”

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From city budgeting to celebrating the arts, advocating for bicycle transportation, supporting our local libraries, assisting aging populations in Beaverton, or advising on issues related to human rights, diversity, urban renewal or traffic, serving on one of our boards and commissions is a great way to enhance our community, and make your voice heard in important civic matters. 

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