Beaverton City Council Urges Safety, Asks Community Members to Restrict Fireworks Use

The Beaverton City Council held a special meeting on June 30, 2021 to discuss fireworks use within the city in response to unprecedented dry conditions and record-breaking hot temperatures in the region.

The Beaverton City Council is urging all community members to voluntarily limit the use of fireworks. Beaverton residents are encouraged to restrict the use of any fireworks, even those that are considered legal in Oregon.

“We strongly encourage our community members to safely celebrate the Fourth of July by refraining from the use of fireworks this year,” said Beaverton Police Chief Ronda Groshong. “We believe this will help ensure the celebratory weekend protects property from damage and community members from serious injury.”

Community members are encouraged to celebrate the Fourth of July this year in other ways, including attending a professional fireworks display, watching a televised fireworks event or celebrating Independence Day without fireworks.

Any fireworks used should be done is a safe and responsible manner.

Residents also are encouraged to help our first responders by calling non-emergency dispatch at 503-629-0111 and only call 911 if there is fire, immediate danger or harm.

Unused fireworks can be dropped off at any local fire station for proper disposal.