Save Money, Save Energy, Help the Environment

When it comes to talking about climate change solutions, the focus can quickly turn to solar energy, electric vehicles or some new, flashy or exciting technology, like carbon capture, wave-generated power or seaweed farming.  

You can save energy as you keep cool this summer with some great tips and resources from the Energy Trust of Oregon. Visit their website at

Energy efficiency is not a phrase that makes most people light up. But improving energy efficiency is one of the most impactful and effective tools we have in the toolbox to address climate change. And it can save a household money! A true win-win. How a home is heated or cooled, what temperature the water heater is set on, the condition of the windows and attic, the appliances in use, and of course — what type of lightbulbs are in place — all play a critical role in how efficient a home is. 

Learn more about home energy efficiency by visiting and clicking “save at home” to begin exploring or visit to learn about energy efficiency incentives for your home. 

40% Percent of energy used in the United States in homes and commercial buildings  

$2,000 Amount paid by average American for energy annually  

50-75% Percent reduction in energy use in your home from using new lighting technologies  

30% Percent of all greenhouse gas emissions produced by buildings  

9 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere annually added by an average home in Beaverton