Public Works Week – Storm and Sewer

In honor of National Public Works Week May 17 -21st, each day we are highlighting a division of Beaverton’s Public Works Department to share the amazing work performed by the crews and share the expertise of our staff.

“I enjoy working for Beaverton Public Works because it is rewarding to be a part of community improvement and ecological restoration goals. It is inspiring to work with people with similar work ethic and vision to make the city a great place to be.”

Daniel Goodrich

While thought to be the place where alligators reside, the primary role of the storm and sewer system is to protect the quality of natural water that makes Beaverton a beautiful place to live. The Storm & Sewer division’s job is to maintain and enhance the nearly 1.5 million feet of sewer line and 1.3 million feet of storm pipe, which play a critical role in protecting the areas’ water bodies.
The operations crew is currently cleaning over 400 stormwater filters, which are designed to capture pollutants before the water enters a river or stream. Engineering staff works alongside operations to identify areas of pipeline that need to be replaced either because of inadequate condition, size, or placement. Our storm & sewer infrastructure needs to grow and change with the city, a couple examples of that transformation include:

• Erickson Trunk Sewer Upsizing (pictured): The Erickson trunk between SW Allen Blvd and SW 5th St is a 15-inch pipe constructed about 60 years ago along Erickson Creek. The pipe is undersized for the area with future buildout, and landscaping makes it difficult to maintain.
• Stormwater Drainage Master Plan: An analysis of the City’s existing stormwater drainage system and future needs for the Cooper Mountain area. The analysis will provide strategies to reduce future incidences of flooding and increase water quality.

Erickson Trunk Sewer

The vast network of storm & sewer infrastructure requires constant maintenance to prolong the life of the pipelines, protecting the City’s investment and health and safety of its residents. The Operations crew flushed 110 miles of underground pipe last year and maintained almost 200 public ponds that provide habitat to wildlife (pictured).

One of the 200 public ponds that Public Works seeks to protect

Did you know that Beaverton Public Works Storm and Sewer Crew:
• Sweeps over 5,000 miles of streets each year, which keeps debris out of our rivers and streams

• Inspects 65 miles of pipe each year with a CCTV truck