Public Works Week – Stronger Together

In honor of Public Works Week May 17 -21st, each day we are highlighting a division of Beaverton’s Public Works Department to share the amazing work performed by the crews and share the expertise of our staff.


The City of Beaverton Water Division has a diverse staff which consists of:

  • Nine FTE in Water Engineering with experience ranging from one to 33 years, five of which are Professional Engineers and four have backgrounds in engineering, civil tech and accounting.
  • 15 FTE in Water Operations with experience ranging from 1.5 to 32 years, all of which are required to have a Water Distribution 2 certification when they reach a technician 1 level, and some have up to a Distribution 4 certification.

Currently, staff is working diligently to maintain the city’s water infrastructure and water quality while designing and building the replacement of our water systems in order to maintain the scheduled expansion projects.

Here are just a few of the projects the water team is working on:

Cooper Mountain Reservoir #2, ASR 7, storage building: This new 5.5-million-gallon water reservoir and associated improvements will serve existing development on the eastern slope of Cooper Mountain, new development underway in South Cooper Mountain, and future development in Urban Reserve Area 6B.

  • TVWD withdrawal which is the transfer of water service to the City of Beaverton for customers currently being serviced by the Tualatin Valley Water District
  • Purple Pipe Utility System:  The Beaverton Purple Pipe is a new water system that will route cleaned stormwater for irrigation and stream recharge to irrigate green spaces like parks, school grounds and yards.

Beaverton is committed to providing safe, quality, and reliable water to our customers. Your water travels about 20 miles by pipeline to the city’s storage reservoirs and then through a vast underground network of pipes to our homes, businesses, schools, parks and other community assets.

Our water distribution system never stops, ensuring that you receive quality drinking water when and where you need it. Our water operations team works diligently to provide service without interruptions, including when the city transitioned to a different water supply from the Joint Water Commission. Given the critical nature of the work, a water technician is always on call to ensure prompt response to any disruptions in service. 

Did you know that the City of Beaverton:

  • Maintains 322 miles of water infrastructure
  • Received an $81 million Federal WIFIA Loan to finance a series of projects that will enhance the reliability and resiliency of our water system, expand the system to meet the needs of our growing city, and create more than 500 jobs