We Can’t Plan for Cooper Mountain Without you!

This summer, we will ask you to share your ideas about future development in Cooper Mountain. What kind of housing do we need? How can we preserve natural resources and wildlife corridors? Where should trails and major roads be located? How can we mitigate risk from natural hazards and climate change?  

We recently established a 15-member Community Advisory Committee (thanks to everyone who applied!) to advise the project team, but your opinions – and those of your fellow community members in and around Beaverton – are essential. 

Everyone who signs up for project emails or texts will get updated about surveys, community meetings (whether virtual or, when it is safe, in person) and other ways you and your ideas can make it the best plan possible. 

Contact Cassera Phipps of the Community Development Department at cphipps@beavertonoregon.gov with questions or comments about the project or visit  www.BeavertonOregon.gov/CooperMountain for the latest information on the Cooper Mountain Community Plan.