Water Rate Increase

Clean Water Services (CWS) is the regional provider for Beaverton’s sanitary sewer treatment and surface water management. Beaverton partners with CWS on these services and bills customers each month. Beaverton and CWS have combined their rates for sanitary sewer and surface water management (SWM) on Beaverton’s combined monthly utility bills, and both agencies periodically modify their rates. CWS is proposing to increase the monthly sewer charges by 4.5%, equating to approximately $2.07 per month for an average household, and SWM charges by 50 cents per month, equating to a 5.4% increase. These increases are necessary to invest in aging infrastructure, ensuring the long-term health of rivers and streams and meeting stricter federal and state pollution control rules. 

You’re welcome to participate in the June 15, 2021, CWS Board of Directors public hearing, where CWS will present the proposed sanitary sewer and surface water rate increases. CWS rate increases are proposed to go into effect on July 1, 2021. 

To learn more about how you can participate, please visit cleanwaterservices.org/budget