Visioning Advisory Committee Presents Plan to City Council  

The Visioning Advisory Committee (VAC) – the primary authors and accountability partners for the Community Vision are gearing up for the 2021 update which will review, and possibly update, the previously identified community goals and the 104 action items in the current Community Vision. 

The current goals of the Community Vision are:  

  • Build Community 
  • Create a Vibrant Downtown 
  • Improve Mobility 
  • Expand Public Services 
  • Enhance Livability  

The current and previous Community Vision, reports and updates are available on the Beaverton Community Vision website at Watch the presentation at  

A Brief History of the Beaverton Visioning Process 

2007 Community Input Process 

More than 750 community members participated in the 2007 process over 16 public meetings held in multiple languages 

2009 Community Input Process 

  • 5,000 people actively participated in the vision development 
  • 6,500 ideas received from the community 
  • 120 community events 
  • 1,070 volunteer hours donated by Visioning Advisory Committee  

2010 Community Vision Adopted by City Council 

  • 61 Community Vision Partners 
  • 115 vision action items 

2011 Recognition 

The Beaverton Community Vision was honored with two awards: 

  • Award of Excellence from The City-County Communications & Marketing Association (3CMA) 
  • Public Involvement Project of the Year – Best Planning Project from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) 

2012 Action Plan Update 

  • City Council readopts Community Vision plan 
  • Revisions made included incorporating the city’s branding into VAC goals & removal of 3 action items 

2015 Outreach & Update 

  • A new community survey was created and used for community outreach 
  • VAC volunteers gathered public input at events and presentations throughout the community. In all, 5,751 people shared 7,722 ideas for Beaverton’s future 

2016 Action Plan Update 

The Beaverton City Council approved a major update to the Beaverton Community Vision Action Plan include topics such as affordable housing and food carts, street maintenance, schools, arts, homelessness, small business support, and more 

2021 Outreach & Update 

The Visioning Advisory Committee begins work to update the Community Vision & Action Plan