Safe Parking Program Celebrates its Second Anniversary!   

The Safe Parking Program has just celebrated its two-year mark in April! The program’s goal is to provide a safe, legal place to park and case management for people experiencing homelessness and living out of their vehicles. This program continues to be recognized for the support that it creates for families and individuals experiencing homelessness to stabilize their lives, gain access to resources, and address barriers to housing. During the second year of operation, the program served 22 vehicles (32 individuals), 11 transitioned into housing, and 7 were exited due to other reasons such as death of family, move closer to family support, or not showing progress in case management plan. One of the primary reasons for people experiencing homelessness that was reported during this year is between income and rent, with COVID-19 being a major component. The program has served a total of 39 vehicles (69 individuals) since the launch in April 2019.   

Safe Parking guest story “Two of our guests found the Safe Parking program after being referred to us due to reports that they didn’t fit the guidelines for a family shelter. After being accepted into the Safe Parking program, both guests remained compliant throughout their time in the program. They met with their case manager weekly to discuss their concerns, barriers, and updates. In addition to meeting with the case manager weekly, both guests advocated for themselves and got accepted into the Good Neighbor Center. After being accepted into the Good Neighbor Center, they reported to their case manager that they were ready to find housing. The guests, case manager, and a case worker from New Narrative partnered together to assist both guests with obtaining both a community connect assessment and to start the process of the guests qualifying for rental assistance. After about two months in the Safe Parking program, both guests transitioned into an apartment.”  

The program is continuing partnership with Just Compassion of East Washington County and four host sites that are coordinated throughout the Beaverton community. Host site partners continue to provide space for up to three vehicles to park, a portable restroom, and a storage unit.    

For more information about the program, visit For enrollment contact Just Compassion at 503-624-4666.