Recycle or Not? Plastic Envelopes go in the Trash 

Many of us are getting more packages in the mail these days. More packages mean more packing materials — and more confusion about what belongs in your trash can and what can go in your recycling bin. With plastic-padded envelopes, the answer is clear: toss them in the trash. This includes envelopes that are made entirely from plastic, and paper envelopes with bubble wrap inside. 

You can’t recycle plastic-padded envelopes at home or at work, but there are steps you can take to reduce your waste. When online shopping consider bundling your orders so your items come in just one package. Or, reuse them for shipping — just be sure to remove old mailing addresses or barcodes and reseal with packaging tape. You can also use padded envelopes during your next move or for protecting breakable items in storage. 

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