Downtown Welcomes Changes on 5th Street 

Beaverton is welcoming exciting changes as the community’s vision for a dynamic downtown remains a key priority. In Old Town, the Library Fountain renovation is underway to further enhance vibrancy in our city center. When complete later this year, the fountain will include structural upgrades and programmable jets, lights and sound to enrich community enjoyment in and around City Park. 

A new Senior Affordable Housing Project on Southwest 5th Street is in the predevelopment phase. The community project, funded with the Metro Affordable Housing Bond, will add new high-quality affordable housing units to Beaverton. Located at the site of the existing community center, the space will include deeply affordable units near established amenities, public transportation and social services. 

The city thrives as an ethnically diverse, welcoming city, where all its residents are an essential part of the Beaverton community but many existing residents increasingly struggle to remain in Beaverton. The city’s affordable housing activities focus on helping households experiencing homelessness; increasing quality affordable rental housing; providing homeownership opportunities, and developing policies geared toward ensuring Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color have access to these opportunities. 

“During public engagement and outreach, more senior affordable housing was identified as critically important to our community members,” said Community Development Division Manager Cadence Petros. “We explored a number of locations and the community center site remained the best positioned for a community of this kind. It also will complement future development considered for the area.” 

In addition, the city is in negotiations to sell the city-owned Book Corner Bookstore site, located on Southwest 5th Street across from City Park, to a private party so that it may be combined with an adjacent parcel for development of a new mixed-use multifamily rental project, including residential and commercial spaces. If negotiations are successful and approved by City Council, the proceeds from the site’s sale would pay for remodeling the nearby main library to incorporate the Book Corner Bookstore retail and intake functions. The city is currently addressing community needs associated with the area, such as community meeting space, severe weather shelter relocation and other public uses. 

A town hall with a question and answer period was held in April. To view the town hall, find out more details and provide feedback about these projects, visit