Curb Ramp Updates Help to Improve Accessibility

Every year, the city is working to improve Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps and mobility throughout the community. In July, the city is scheduled to start another series of curb ramp updates at the intersection of Southwest 152nd Avenue and Southwest Gull Drive and some surrounding streets. The city is required to bring all curb ramps within its jurisdiction up to standard as outlined by the ADA. Curb ramp improvements may consist of new installations or improvements to existing infrastructure such as grading the ramp, adding texture to the sidewalk or improving the street landing. 

Curb ramp and utility improvements are done in advance of street paving, which is currently scheduled for July through late September of this year. Total construction time on each street will be about 10 days for curb ramps and five days for paving, weather permitting. Residents will be notified about two weeks before paving begins with more information on how to prepare. 

The city works hard to maintain local streets, including regular resurfacing to prevent deterioration. The reduction in state gas tax revenues resulting from COVID-19 and statewide social distancing restrictions has reduced the city’s capacity for paving and sidewalk upgrades in the short term, but the city is working diligently to prioritize accessibility for the community. Transportation improvements are one of the City Council’s priorities, including pedestrian and sidewalk improvement projects.  

Visit for more information, or contact the Beaverton Public Works Department at 503-526-2220.