Code Compliance Moves to Community Development Department

The Code Compliance program has moved from the Police Department to the Community Development Department. 

The goal of the Code Compliance program is to bring problems into compliance with city codes. Code Compliance works across departments to find innovative ways to resolve problems that are reported to the city by community members. In practice this means that a case could be touched by the city’s Mediation Program to help resolve neighbors’ conflicts or referred to the Building Division to help address issues that make a building unsafe to occupy, or the Police Department to remove abandoned cars. 

On average, the city receives 100 complaints for violations like abandoned vehicles, uplifted sidewalks and rubbish each month. For the most part, resolution involves an educational discussion with community members about property owner responsibilities. But, on rare occasions coordination the City Attorney’s Offices is required and, at times, cases do end up in court. 

Code Compliance works by responding to reported violations, rather than code inspectors patrolling for violations.  

If you have a code compliance issue that you would like to report, please use the city’s Report a Problem feature on the website at If you are having an issue with a neighbor and would like to resolve it through the city’s Center for Mediation and Dialogue instead of contacting Code Compliance, visit