Climate Action Task Force Established!

Join Beaverton’s Task Force on Climate Change  

Your Experience can Help Shape the City’s Next Steps  

Beaverton’s Climate Action Plan has an overarching communitywide goal: a 100 percent reduction in emissions by 2050. Getting there will involve changes to the status quo — which can be a good thing, since after all, the status quo is what got us here. This goal is an opportunity to make a better — a more livable, more equitable — Beaverton. In making this opportunity a reality, it is important to make sure voices from the community are being listened to and being heard.  

On Mar. 16, City Council formally established a Climate Action Task Force. This group, consisting of community members appointed by the mayor, will serve as a community engagement forum for climate action. This task force will enhance awareness of community perspectives around climate change and provide feedback on the potential impact of climate action-related policies and activities on members of the community. 

The actions of the city alone won’t guarantee the “100 percent by 2050” goal is met. But our community will certainly fall short of that goal without climate considerations playing a role in the decisions the city makes. Task force members, through their lived and professional experience, diverse perspectives, social networks, and community expertise will be able to give feedback on how decisions around city activities can or will impact the community, moving us closer or further from this goal. 

Visit if you are interested in serving on the Climate Action Task Force. 

Council Quotes 

See what your mayor and City Council had to say about the newly created Climate Action Task Force. 

Lacey Beaty, Mayor  

“We’re going to bring new voices that haven’t traditionally been at the table. I’m excited for the monumental, generational shift signaled by the approval of this new task force!”  

Laura Mitchell, Council Position 2  

“We are headed in the right direction and the future looks hopeful.” 

Mark Fagin, Council Position 3  

“We are making sure that the task force comes together with perspectives on lived experience even if they have less technical experience.” 

Allison Tivnon, Council Position 4  

“The council can’t wait to work with the task force to steward our way into a healthier future.” 

Marc San Soucie, Council Position 5  

“I’m very happy the city will have a committed Climate Task Force. We need ideas, research, prodding, encouragement and thoughtful recommendations for specific actions we should take.” 

Nadia Hasan, Council Position 6  

“The Climate Action Task Force will prioritize the safety and health of our community and I look forward to supporting policies for a better Beaverton.”