Do Private Rules Limit Housing Options in Your Neighborhood? Let us Know!

Beaverton is working to update city rules about where different types of housing can be built in residential neighborhoods. As we explore ideas as part of the Housing Options Project, we would like your help to understand how private agreements limit housing variety (current or in the past) and influence who lives where.  

We are asking Beaverton residents to share private agreements (including ones with language that excluded people based on race) so we can learn more and consider this information in planning for updated city rules.  

Some examples of these private agreements include:  

■ Covenants, codes and restrictions (CC &Rs), private contracts created by and administered by Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), and  

■ Deed restrictions, which function in a similar way, although they can apply to any home in any neighborhood, even without an HOA. 

These agreements may only allow the construction of single-family detached homes, limit the number of garages or bedrooms in a home, or limit the number of renters in a neighborhood.  

Historically, some even had racist covenants that restricted the sale of a home to anyone who was not white. Fortunately, racist covenants were declared unenforceable in 1948. 

How can you help?  

If you have CC&Rs or deed restrictions that limit what can be built or who can live on your property, we invite you to share these with city staff. You can email at or mail a copy to Rob Zoeller, Community Development Department, City of Beaverton, P.O. Box 4755, Beaverton, OR 97076. With your help, we can better understand the barriers to housing options in neighborhoods. 

Get involved!  

Staff is working on different ways that the city can allow varied housing types in existing neighborhoods. The community will have a chance to review and comment on ideas this spring. Visit to sign up for project updates and learn more about upcoming engagement opportunities. 

For more information: Contact Rob Zoeller, Community Development Department, at 503-526-3730,