Check out Downtown’s Newest Murals

Downtown is receiving two new murals as a result of the Beaverton Downtown Association’s partnership with two local artists. 

The first mural is on the side of the Nak Won building next to Koya Sushi. The muralist, Hampton Rodriguez, is a Puerto Rican artist whose style reflects his Puerto Rican culture and heritage. Hampton has been doing murals in the area for over 20 years, and he loves to convey feelings of happiness and community in his creations. 

His mural is meant to be a visual reminder of the value outdoor dining and connections have provided for so many people over the past year. After the pandemic struggles end, his mural will remain a gentle reminder of the value of community. 

The second mural is on the west wall of Ickabod’s. This mural, courtesy of Susan Charnquist, will reflect a wilder and more natural environment, while still evoking feelings of warmth and welcome. The Ickabod’s owners loved this mural because it reminded them of Ichabod Crane’s night ride through the forest. 

Susan Charnquist is also a chalk artist, so you may have seen her work at the last La Strada dei Pastelli chalk art festival in 2019 or her street mural in front of Ringo’s in 2020. Find out more about the murals at

Nak Won Building, 4600 SW Watson Ave.
Ickabod’s Bar & Grill, 12475 SW 1st St.