Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects at a Glance

In an effort to keep the public informed on major construction going on around the city, this “Projects at a Glance” list will continue to be updated. This list highlights some of the major work happening in Beaverton but does not include all construction. The items in this list, often referred to as Capital Improvement Projects, are primarily large-scale construction, including road improvement and enhancements, expanded water and wastewater utility work, major improvements within city parks, and construction of city buildings. 

Library Fountain Improvement Project The renovations planned include structural upgrades such as, adding programmable fountain jets, lights, and sound to the fountain to further enhance public enjoyment and add new dimension to city events that take place in and around City Park. To make way for the new pump house, the swing set will be moved closer to the play structure. On-site construction began January 2021 and is anticipated to be completed summer 2021.  

Erickson Trunk Sewer & Water System Improvements Phase 2  

This is the second phase of the Erickson Trunk Sewer project. Phase 2 consists of replacing 2,300 lineal feet of 15-inch pipe with 18-inch and 21-inch pipe, and 1,060 feet of eight-inch and 500 feet of six-inch sewer. The alignment will remove the trunk sewer from the creek area and improve maintenance access. The larger pipe size line will provide additional flow capacity. The 1,620 feet of waterline in Erickson Avenue will be upsized to 12-inch ductile iron pipe and the 1,980 feet of water main service throughout the Central Park Condos will be replaced with new six-inch and eight-inch ductile iron pipe. Phase One will be completed in Winter 2021. The anticipated start of construction for Phase 2 will begin in Spring/Summer 2021. 

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well No. 5 (ASR5)  

Expanding Aquifer Storage Recovery capacity by 2 million gallons per day (mgd). ASR Well No. 5 will increase the reliability and capacity of the water supply both for the city and indirectly for our Joint Water Commission (JWC) partners. On-site construction began December 2020 and is anticipated to be completed April 2022.  

Western Avenue 

Between Allen Boulevard and 5th Street, this project includes reconstruction of the existing four-lane vehicle only road to a three-lane road with a center turn lane; separated pedestrian and bicycle pathways; landscaped median and pedestrian/bicyclist buffer; transit stops; and upgraded storm water facilities and lighting. Between 5th Street and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, the existing four-lane roadway section will remain and a five-foot bike lane, a four-foot planter, and a six-foot sidewalk will be added on the east side of the road. This project includes intersection improvements at both the Western Avenue/5th Street and Western Avenue/Beaverton Hillsdale Highway intersections. This is a partnership project with the Willamette Water Supply Program, which includes a 48-inch waterline (MPE 1.1) as well as a City of Beaverton 16-inch waterline within the project limits.  Construction anticipated to begin May 2021. 

Allen Boulevard/92nd Avenue Shared Use Path  

The project includes construction of a section of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail along the south side of Southwest Allen Boulevard from Southwest 92nd Avenue to Southwest Scholls Ferry Road, curb, gutter, and landscape buffer, street trees, access ramps, streetlights, storm water and intersection improvements. Construction anticipated spring/summer 2022. 

Laurelwood Avenue Sidewalk Project  

The project includes construction of a sidewalk on the west side of Southwest Laurelwood Avenue from Southwest Scholls Ferry Road to Southwest Laurelwood Court, curb, gutter, and landscape buffer, street trees, storm water improvements, on-street parking and streetlights. Construction anticipated Summer 2022. 

To learn more about the various projects, visit the City of Beaverton’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) dynamic document at 

Western Avenue